Nozawa Onsen Kawaichiya is a Japanese style ryokan located in Nozawa Onsen. Please enjoy with our excellent hot springs and local dishes.  

Nozawa Onsen Kawaichiya Ryokan

Nozawa Onsen
Taxi Service from Airport

If you plan to come over Nozawa Onsen from Narita / Haneda / Centrair Airport, we do suggest you the special bus/taxi. The bus/taxi takes you to Kawaichiya directly from the Airport and the price is nice. This is a Door to Door service and 5.5 hours to Kawaichiya (in case from Narita). If you would like to take it, please refer to their web site.

Chuo taxi service

Train and Bus to Nozawa onsen

* recommendation

1. NARITA EXPRESS : Narita to Tokyo station
2. SHINKANSEN : Tokyo station to Iiyama station
3. NOZAWA ONSEN LINER Bus : Iiyama station to Nozawa onsen

Catching the Shinkansen Train and Bus is the most common transport to Nozawa Onsen. From Narita Airport, catch the Narita Express (NEX) train to Tokyo Station (1 hour). There are frequent departures from the airport railway terminal.

Upon arrival at Tokyo Station take the escalators up and follow the green signs for the Shinkansen. The platform number for departure is usually about 20-23. Check Hyperdia for schedules. The Shinkansen from Tokyo station to Iiyama station takes about 2 hours.

The most economical way to cover the fares for the NEX and the Shinkansen is to purchase a JR East Pass.

For train travel from Nagoya, Osaka, Kyoto or other parts of Japan, see Hyperdia for routes, schedules and fares.

* Japan Rail Pass
* Hyperdia


Taking the Nozawa onsen Liner bus at the Iiyama station to Nozawa onsen. The nearest bus stop to Kawaichiya ryokan is "Nozawa Onsen" which is last one, but the place of the last bus stop is different depending on the season. Taking 3 minutes walk to Kawaichiya ryokan anyway.

* Detail Onsen Town Map

Shinkansen KAGAYAKI

Japan Rail Pass

Nozawa onsen LINER bus

Town Map

Detail Whole Town Map  Detail Onsen Town Map

The Bus stop is 1-3 mins away from Kawaichiya on foot.
The Rental Shop is 3 mins away from Kawaichiya on foot.
Both Connection Lift is 6-8 mins away from Kawaichiya on foot.

Town Map
野沢温泉 四季の宿 河一屋

Toyosato 8923-1, Nozawa Onsen-mura, Shimotakai-gun, Nagano-ken, zip389-2502
TEL : +81-269-85-4126  FAX : +81-269-85-3825
E-mail :  URL :