Dosojin and First Lantern Decorations

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toro1.jpgAt Nozawa-onsen, when the first boy is born to a couple, the family builds a "first lantern" decoration. Lantern decorations are hung around a nine-meter pillar, of which the upper half is made of cedar and the lower half is a kind of beech wood.
Starting from the top and extending toward the bottom are hung, a sacred cloth and an umbrella-shaped cover, from which a cloth with the family's crest is hung. Behind the cloth, under the cover, hang a round lantern with bells, a white folding fan, and a hanging cloth decoration.
Next is hung a diamond-shaped lantern decorated with pictures, followed by split bamboo strips covered with paper flowers, which hang off the central pillar to form a bowl shape. Beneath this arrangement are numerous lanterns. At the bottom there are pieces of New Year's calligraphy written by local children and children of rerlatives. On January 11th, a big party called Toro-marume is held. On January 15th, the first lantern decorations are carried to the festival site by a crowd of people singing Dosojin songs and wooden Dosojin statues are made for praying that the first born son will grow up healthy and have a happy marriage. From the evening of January 14th until midday on the 15th, the Dosojin evening festival is held.
On the 15th, people visit and pray at the shrine pavilion at the Dosojin site.

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